Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Effect on Your Life with the Power of Love

The Power of Love!


1.  Contrary to many beliefs, love is a choice, not a feeling. That is why so many personal relationships break down; when the feelings leave, so does love and so does the partner! When love is a choice, that doesn't have to happen.

2.  When we are acting in a mindset of love, we find the best in ourselves and in others. And we are more tolerant.

3.  What about you? Would others call you a caring or loving individual? Are business and personal interactions with you enjoyable or difficult?

4.  What can you do to conduct yourself better in behaviors like patience, kindness, giving, and caring for others before yourself?

5.  Think of an example where you and another person wanted to do different activities and you did not defer; you insisted on doing what you wanted. Next time, do what someone else wants to do, even though it’s not your choice or preference.

6.  Love perseveres and does not give up. It gives when others quit. That might mean doing homework with your kids when you are tired, listening to your partner when you are in the middle of something else, supporting your friend through a difficult time even though that requires you to give up your favorite activity, and so on. Think of a couple of possibilities where you can embrace that kind of persevering love.

7.  Loving yourself is part of this process. When you don’t have high self-worth, it is difficult to love others.

8.  No one is perfect. When you act without love, acknowledge it, let go of any guilt, and move back to love as quickly as possible.

9.  Love in its purest form can never be destroyed or taken away from you because it is in your heart and mind. That in itself is a powerful revelation, your love can never be taken away from you. Your love will not always be received or accepted as you would like, but your love does not stop because someone rejected you. Only you can turn off that mindset.

10.  Imagine a place where most people have a mindset of caring and love. That is a pretty exciting and powerful place. I experienced it when the Winter Olympics were hosted in Vancouver, BC. Thousands of individuals were in a mindset of celebration, caring, and love. I can’t describe it. You had to be there but, believe me, it was amazing!

11.  I encourage each of you to step up and play and live in love more than you have before. If you do, we all will be better for it!

 As a society, we can be quick to judge those who are different than we are. We may demonstrate intolerance.  We should accept everyone at face value or even admire their behavior, but we can approach them with a mindset of love. That will get us further and in a more enjoyable manner than a negative attitude will.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How To Leave Your Conflicts Behind In Order To Move Forward


Conflicts sometime arise when two or more people are in a relationship, those that are the most successful in keeping relations are those that don't get stuck in a conflict and know how to let go and move forward. 

Conflicts can arise from a difference of opinion, from anger or from life circumstances, in all cases, it is important to have consideration for the others, after all, we can't judge the others unless we have walked in their shoes. Let's not forget that it is easy to get mad at someone else for their actions, but if we are partial in our judgment we realize that sometime we are the ones who wear the black hat, would it be for a year, a day or a second and when this happens, don't we all want to be forgive and move on?

Why letting go is important? The main reason, is the risk of getting stuck in an unproductive situation, even worst, in a destructive one. Precious energy that can be used for other things can be wasted into conflicts for years. It is wise to go sleep on something and take a decision in the morning rather than make a call out of anger. Building relations required compromises from both sides, a good way to do so is by having a common goal that is more important than our own little problems. Let's say that you are to work with someone that get on your nerve, even though you do not like this person, you know that once the work is completed you will get a million bucks, would you let your personal interests get in the way or let it go in order to complete the project? Great people know the answer for this.

We can say that the art of leaving conflicts behind is the art of moving forward in life, anyone who know how to walk from one place to another, know that conflicts come in every steps and there is no need to get stuck there. Rising above conflicts is a big part for accomplishment, this required patience, self annulment, and consideration for the other, which are the traits of a great man. In order to built something good and new, we have to know how to deal with unpleasant situations that come along the way, accordingly, the art of living conflicts behind in order to move forward is a must for any builder.